The Best 3-day Itinerary for Berlin, Germany

Day 1 Itinerary for Berlin:

Victory Column, Bellevue Palace, Reichstag Building, & Brandenburg Gate

I like to take the first day of my itinerary for Berlin to explore the city and admire some of the most famous sites. This route will take you through the beauty and rich history of Berlin. Make sure you eat a larger breakfast at your hotel/Airbnb before today. I also recommend bringing lunch to eat, if possible. First, take the bus over to admire the beautiful Victory Column. You can take a trip up to the observatory if it’s not too busy. Afterward, walk north towards the Spree River. Right before the bridge, you will find the Bellevue Palace. For us Americans, this is basically the white house for the German President, which makes it cool to see. Afterward, walk through the beautiful large park named Grober Tiergarten. On the other side of this park are multiple German Parliament buildings including the Reichstag Building. You can eat your lunch in front of the Reichstag before the entry time for your tickets. Once finished, you can visit the infamous Brandenburg Gate. Make sure to explore the surrounding areas, grab a drink, and find a restaurant for dinner.

Day 2 in Berlin:

Memorial to Murdered Jews, Topography of Terror, (Checkpoint Charlie), & Berlin TV Tower

When I was in Berlin, I liked doing everything that related to the Holocaust in the same day. I chose to pair the Memorial to Murdered Jews and Topography of Terror together. The first stop will be the Memorial to Murdered Jews and the exhibition they offer in the morning. From here, you can walk to the Topography of Terror. Depending on how much time you spent at the Memorial to Murdered Jews, you may want to grab lunch in between these spots. Once finished with the Topography of Terror, you can walk to Checkpoint Charlie if you would like to check it out. Before wrapping up your day, go to the Berlin TV Tower to catch a sunset or dinner there if you would like. If you’re not getting dinner there, there’s plenty of good options in the area surrounding Alexanderplatz.

Day 3 Itinerary for Berlin:

Berlin Wall Memorial, Museum Island, Berlin Cathedral, East Side Gallery

Both the Berlin Wall Memorial and East Side Gallery aren’t very close to other sights, so you will be taking the train a lot this day. The first stop in the morning is to visit the Berlin Wall Memorial. You could most likely walk here depending on where you are staying, but it is easier to take the U8 towards Wittenau and get off at Bernauer Strabe (Berlin Wall Memorial Stop). Walk around and read all of the outside exhibitions, then visit the museum across the street if you would like. Take the train back to central Berlin to museum island. Visit the Pergamon Museum and New Museum if you want, then go to the Berlin Cathedral next door. Explore the cathedral then traverse up the steps to the 360-degree view. Get lunch after visiting the Berlin Cathedral. Before sunset, make sure to take the trip out to the East Side Gallery. To visit, you will have to take the 300 bus South along the river to Tamara-Danz then walk a couple of minutes to the East Side Gallery. You can get dinner in this area or return the area around your rental for dinner.

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