The Best 3-Day Itinerary for Lake Como, Italy

Day 1 Itinerary for Lake Como: Varenna & Castello di Vezio

As a warning for this itinerary for Lake Como – Varenna, the plans will be very loose. The best times I had in Lake Como were from wandering around. For your first day in Varenna, try to see everything that this amazing location has to offer. The best attraction is the Castello di Vezio. The Castello di Vezio will take you around 3-4 hours for your first time going up. Afterward, there is plenty of time left in your day in Varenna. If you can, pack a lunch or snack to eat once you get to the top of Castello di Vezio. However, there’s a snack bar where you can buy food as well. Admire the views before walking back down to the center of town. Here, you can grab a drink by the water, check out the Walk of Lovers, and figure out a plan for dinner.

Day 2 in Lake Como: Bellagio

For a day trip to Bellagio from Varenna, I strongly recommend you start early in your day. Take one of the earlier ferries from the port in Varenna, near the beginning of the Walk of Lovers. Once you are in Bellagio, I recommend walking north, past the nice hotels, and going to a popular outlook. You will be at the base of the “Y” formation that Lake Como forms and you will have beautiful views. It’s called Punta Spartivento, there is a restaurant there if you need a snack or drink. Once you sat down here for a little while you should take a walk through town and explore, just take the same way back and walk up the stairs from the water. If you’d like to explore past the town you can visit the nearby fishing village in Bellagio. Walk down to the Scalotta per Pescallo (a stone stairway leading down to the ocean) to get to a part of Bellagio that tourists don’t usually see. It will be quiet and quaint, with a harbor full of fishing boats and more views. I did not find much to do in Bellagio except for walk around the shops and eat in restaurants. As a warning, most restaurants WILL NOT let you sit down just for a drink in Bellagio. While you are in Bellagio, you should buy some Bellagio silk and touristic items, this is the time to buy them. Get an earlier dinner to make sure that you catch the ferry, then go relax by the water near the ferry stop.

Day 3: Varenna, Villa Monastero, & Walk of Lovers

This last day in Varenna is mostly what you want to make of it. I recommend seeing the Villa Monastero and its botanical gardens on this relaxed day. You should explore every street in Varenna and take a break wherever you find it interesting. On this day, you could also go back up to Castello di Vezio or hike the trails that are up the hill from Varenna.

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