The Best 3-Day Itinerary for Vienna, Austria

Day 1 Itinerary for Vienna: St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Hofburg Palace, & Museumsquartier

When you’re in a city like Vienna you want to explore the city centre to discover what it has to offer. For your first day itinerary for Vienna, venture inside St. Stephen’s Cathedral and admire its architecture. Go up one of the spires in the Cathedral to take in views of the city that you are about to spend a couple more days in. Talk a walk around the rest of the Hofburg Palace, pass by the many monuments and Spanish Riding School. Visit the Austrian National Library in Vienna. Afterwards, grab some lunch nearby before visiting the Museumsquartier. Decide on one or two museums to visit before dinner, I recommend the Natural Science Museum of Vienna or the Fine Arts Museum.

Day 2 in Vienna: Schonbrunn Palace, Belvedere Palace, & Karlskirche

The second day will be a lot of walking and traveling so rest well after your first night in Vienna. Get up early and take the train to Schonbrunn Palace. Take your time admiring the inside before venturing outside and wandering around the grounds. Afterward, take the train to Belvedere Palace to admire more grand grounds. If this ends up around lunchtime for you (you will most likely spend a lot of time in and around the Schonbrunn), then grab a bite near the train station at Wien Hauptbahnhof. If you wander a little south of the train station, there are many hotels in the area with decent restaurants. Afterward, walk towards Belvedere and admire the colorful houses across the street from you before reaching the Belvedere Palace. Walk around the grounds until you reach Lower Belvedere, from here you will take the tram towards Karlskirche. Walk around inside the church and admire the view from the scaffolding on top of the church.

Day 3 in Vienna: Hundertwasserhaus, Naschmarkt, & Vienna Opera House

Earlier in the morning, take the tram over to Hundertwasserhaus. Wander inside the small shopping area and admire the unique architecture. Walk by the river and Hundertwasser Museum on your way back into the city center. Take the tram back towards Naschmarkt to get a bite to eat. Walk around the market afterward then walk over to the Vienna Opera House for your scheduled guided tour. Enjoy your tour and get an early dinner before you return for a show at the Vienna Opera House. Get in line two hours before the show to get your discounted tickets at the Opera. This will be a perfect way to close out your 3-day stay in Vienna.

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