The Best Budget & Spending Tips for Berlin, Germany

My Budget for Berlin, Germany

  • $250 USD round-trip flight from Pisa to Brussels
  • $236 USD for a 3-night stay at a hotel (Beginning of March)
  • $150 USD for food & drink
  • $25 USD for visits/tours of several palaces, museums, etc.
  • $53 USD for 2 Berlin Welcome Cards, this included all of our public transport and some activities (48 hours)
  • $714 USD TOTAL for a 3-night trip to Brussels, Belgium for two

The Best Budget Tips & How to Spend Money in Berlin, Germany

  • Brussels is one of the only cities that I bought one of the “Welcome Cards” for. I found the public transportation and discounts worth it for about $26. Take a closer look here before you purchase.
  • This was one of my more expensive trips throughout my travels. The flights were more expensive than they should’ve been which was terrible for the budget but Berlin didn’t fit into any other weekends for me.
  • Go to a local grocery store for snacks and breakfast to cook if you have an Airbnb
  • Berlin is a huge city so expect lots of public transportation. Consider one of the 24 or 48 hour passes or one of the welcome cards to try and mitigate this cost.

Remember if you would like to learn more about any of the places included in my best budget & spending tips for Berlin, Germany, then you can visit my all-inclusive guide for free here!

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