The Best Budget & Spending Tips for Lake Como, Italy

My Budget for Lake Como, Italy

  • $133.50 USD round-trip train tickets from Florence to Varenna
  • $294 USD for a 3-night stay at an Airbnb (Late April, Easter weekend)
  • $150 USD for food & drink
  • $20 USD for visits/tours of several palaces, museums, etc.
  • $20 USD for public transport
  • $617.50 USD TOTAL for a 3-night trip to Varenna, Lake Como, Italy

The Best Budget Tips & How to Spend Money in Lake Como, Italy

  • I went to Varenna on one of the most expensive weekends to travel, Easter weekend, so make sure you plan around holidays if you don’t want to spend unnecessary money
  • Go to a local grocery store for snacks and breakfast to cook in your Airbnb
  • Stay in charming, smaller towns, such as Varenna or Menaggio instead of tourist-heavy areas like Bellagio. This is one of the best budget tips for Lake Como since it can save you upwards of $100/night and the headache of staying in an extremely busy town
  • Dinner and shopping will be more expensive than most places, but remember that there aren’t many attractions that you have to pay for while staying in Lake Como. You can use this extra money to get a local tour of the alps or another activity.

Remember if you would like to learn more about any of the places included in my where to stay & best budget & spending tips for Lake Como, Italy, then you can visit my all-inclusive guide for free here!

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