The Best Budget & Spending Tips for Prague, Czech Republic

My Budget for Prague, Czech Republic

  • $34 USD one-way train tickets from Vienna to Prague
  • $204 USD for a 3-night stay at an Airbnb (End of March)
  • $120 USD for food & drink
  • $50 USD for visits/tours of several palaces, museums, etc.
  • $20 USD for public transport (including airport transfer)
  • $428 USD TOTAL for a 3-night trip to Prague, Czech Republic

The Best Budget Tips & How to Spend Money in Prague, Czech Republic

  • Take advantage of nearby cities such as Vienna to make Prague a cheap addition to another destination
  • Go to a local grocery store for snacks and breakfast to cook in your Airbnb (not necessary in Prague because it’s so cheap, but will still help)
  • Walk everywhere! Prague has so much to offer in such a small area
  • Food and shopping will be cheaper than most places, make sure you take advantage of this while in this amazing city!

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