The Best Budget & Spending Tips for Vienna, Austria

My Budget for Vienna, Austria

  • $22 USD one-way bus ticket from Budapest to Vienna
  • $266 USD for a 3-night stay at an Airbnb (Late March)
  • $150 USD for food & drink
  • $50 USD for visits/tours of several palaces, museums, etc.
  • $25 USD for public transport
  • $513 USD TOTAL for a 3-night trip to Vienna, Austria

The Best Budget Tips & How to Spend Money in the Vienna, Austria

  • Vienna is one of the hardest places to budget because it’s one of the richest cities in the world, so make sure to use these best budget tips
  • Go to a local grocery store for snacks and breakfast to cook in your Airbnb
  • You might be able to save money by walking around the city more, but it was hard for me in the bitter cold of late March
  • Venture outside of the city center to find cheaper restaurants, markets, etc.
  • If you want to see the palaces but don’t want to purchase the tickets for indoors then you should know that you can explore all of the grounds for free! Although, sometimes they’re a nice escape from the cold.

Remember if you would like to learn more about any of the places included in my best budget & spending tips for Vienna, Austria, then you can visit my all-inclusive guide for free here!

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