The Best Public Transportation Tips for Brussels, Belgium

Public Transport in Brussels

Here is a map of the public transportation routes around Brussels. There are obviously lots of routes that include buses, trams, and subway trains. You can get downtown using a train from Brussels Charleroi or Brussels Main Airport. You can buy tickets for public transportation at any of the major train stations.

Approximate Prices for Public Transport in Brussels

  • Single ticket (1-hour) : 2.10 Euro ($2.85 USD)
  • 24 hour pass: 7.50 Euro ($8.91 USD)
  • MOBIB Card (Reloadable): 5 Euro ($5.94 USD)
  • Airport Transfer (Weekdays): 8.60 Euro ($10.21 USD)
  • Airport Transfer (Weekends): 14.80 Euro ($17.58 USD)

Other Useful Tips for Public Transport in Brussels

  • In newly updated public transport you can pay for your trip easily with a contactless payment of Google Pay, Apple Pay or tapping your credit card
  • If traveling with children, kids under 6 travel for FREE while children under 15 travel for discounted rates as well as for free on Sundays and public holidays
  • You may purchase Brussels public transportation tickets from all of these locations: ticket machines at metro stations/large bus stops, ticket machines inside of trams/buses (slightly more expensive), and corner stores (tabacchi shops)
  • Please do not try to hop on and hope off without buying a ticket, if you’re caught it will be subject to over 100 Euro fine and other complications
  • Remember to validate your tickets once you enter if you purchased them in advance!
  • Check the discounts offered on the Brussels City Card before purchasing. If you do not think you will use them then buy one of the other Vienna public transportation tickets.
  • Use Google Maps for basic travel, this page for a guide to the various services, and Google Flights for plane fares
  • Check out the Brussels official public transportation page here

Remember if you would like to learn more about any of the places included in my best public transportation tips for Brussels, Belgium, then you can visit my all-inclusive guide for free here!

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