The Best Public Transportation Tips for Prague, Czech Republic

Public Transportation in Prague

Here is a map of just the tram and metro lines in Prague. If you have a 3 day stay in Prague, it is unlikely that you will need transportation other than the tram. Public transportation is very easy and cheap (24 CZK or $1.10) for one way ticket. Make sure you buy the ticket before and validate it once you are on the tram. More information about Prague public transport and the app used to buy tickets is available here.

Approximate Prices for Public Transportation

  • Adult:
  • 30 minutes: 24 CZK
  • 90 minutes: 32 CZK
  • 24 hours: 110 CZK
  • 72 hours: 310 CZK
  • Junior/Student (Aged 15 – 26): Same price as adult for short-term passes
  • Children under 15: Free
  • *Note these tickets/prices are for all public transport while in Prague. You may also purchase long-term (30 day passes or more) tickets*

Other Useful Tips

  • The trams/metro in Prague is extremely reliable but make sure you validate your tickets
  • Airport transfer can be hard to find, an Uber will be cheap/worth it for flights at an odd time
  • Use the train or bus to get to nearby destinations (Germany & Austria)
  • Use Google Maps for basic travel, this page for a guide to the various services, and Google Flights for plane fares

Remember if you would like to learn more about any of the places included in my guide for public transportation in Prague, Czech Republic, then you can visit my all-inclusive guide for free here!

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