The Best Sights & Attractions of Vienna, Austria

Schonbrunn Palace

As I mentioned earlier, Vienna is known for its old money, this palace was the summer home for many Habsburg rulers. Franz Joseph, the longest-reigning Austrian emperor, built most of these astonishing buildings. Now, the Austrian government controls Schonbrunn Palace as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will want to plan to stay here for around 3-4 hours. To get to Schonbrunn Palace, take public transportation to Schonbrunn station. You may get here by bus, subway, and tram. All tickets for the palace come with an audio guide. This is especially helpful since each room inside has an immense history. The basic ticket (Imperial Tour) costs 18 euros and you can walk through 22 rooms. I didn’t buy the higher-priced tickets because I wasn’t too interested in the history. However, if you’re interested, I’d recommend going through all 40 rooms for 22 euros. There’s more info about the tickets available here. Once you exit the Palace, wander around the grounds for a while. Here is a map to the Palace Grounds. The Schonbrunn Zoo also lives on the palace grounds. Additionally, the archway, Gloriette, is located directly up the hill behind the Palace. Inside, there is a cafe which is a perfect rest stop to get out of the cold. On the way to Gloriette you should see Neptune Fountain. Walk up the hill directly behind the fountain for a picturesque view. Then I’d also recommend seeing the Roman Ruin and Obelisk Fountain on your way out of the Schonbrunn Palace Grounds.


If you’re into museums, the Museumsquartier has everything to offer in Vienna. Most of the museums in this area were created in a Baroque style and cost millions to construct, which results in museums that are architectural masterpieces both inside and outside. If you’re interested in art, you’ll find the Mumok and Leopold Museum here. The Mumok in Vienna contains modern and contemporary artworks by artists such as Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso. The Leopold Museum is more about Austrian art, which contains pieces by Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt. Both of these museums were opened in 2001 in an effort to explore art in Vienna. On the other side of the Museumsquartier, you will find a beautiful square which contains the Natural History Museum and Museum of Fine Arts. These Museums have been around for longer, and thus tend to be much better organized and are much grander. When I was talking about amazing Baroque Museums earlier, these two buildings in Vienna are the highlight of Baroque Architecture. The Natural History Museum of Vienna will cost 12 euros, while the Museum of Fine Arts will cost 16 euros. The Museum of Fine Arts contains a lot of the pieces owned by the infamous Habsburg family. Find more information about the Mumok Museum & Tickets in Vienna. More information about the Leopold Museum & Tickets in Vienna. More information about the Natural History Museum & Tickets in Vienna. Find more information about the Museum of Fine Arts & Tickets in Vienna.

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