Your Unique 3-Day Itinerary for the Canary Islands

Day 1 Itinerary for the Canary Islands: Maspalomas Desert & Playa del Ingles

I believe it’s important for you to stay close to your rental for at least your first day. For the first day of your itinerary for the Canary Islands, make a quick breakfast and walk down to the beach. Return in the early afternoon to maybe shower then go out to grab lunch and wander into the desert. Pack with plenty of water or grab a frozen cocktail to sip on while you walk through the desert. I walked from Playa De Maspalomas back to my rental in Playa del Ingles, which was a long walk but well worth it. After dinner, take a trip to Yumbo Centrum for a little taste of the nightlife.

Day 2: Mount Teide & Tenerife

Since I was staying in Maspalomas, Mount Teide might as well have been on the other side of the world. Moreover, I booked my trip through a third party company (Okgrancanaria), to avoid logistical complications. This was the longest day I had during my stay in the Canary Islands but it was worth the trip. The ferry from Las Palmas to Santa Cruz de Tenerife was about 2 hours, so make sure you get up early and leave late to make the most of your day if you’re not staying on Tenerife. A rental car would be the best solution for this trip, but my travel guide took us to different lookouts of Teide. Unfortunately, this tour did not take us to the summit. Finally, the last part of our trip was at a little town in Tenerife named La Orotova.

Day 3: Roque Nublo

This day should be more relaxing, especially since it will be the last day before you leave the Canary Islands after your 3 days stay. Take a bus or your rental car to the parking lot below Roque Nublo after an early breakfast. Once finished, return to Maspalomas and rest on the beach in the afternoon or wander around the various shopping malls. Get a nice dinner and enjoy the last night in this beautiful place while you realize you’ll have to come back.

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